A permanent exhibition of experimental animation on display daily at the Media Art Nexus consists of a series of six experimental works made with reactive audio and real-time animation software. The Rose was programmed as an animated pin-screen, using Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune, to create a responsive audio painting. 

The Rose: A tribute piece dedicated to the innovation of Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Alekseyev, a Russian-born French filmmaker who invented the pin-screen method of animation with his collaborator (later his wife), the animator Claire Parker. This film premiered at the Ars Electronica, Prix Ars Festival in September 2016.

Quantonium, a generative animation that reflects on the physicality of matter, time, and space.  

Are we living in a grand simulation? Quantonium, an audio-reactive piece plays with the idea of mechanical reflections on matter and space, examining the impact of life, technology and reactive audio in a real-time generated animation fantasy.

I Wish, uses Twitter and the search term I wish to explore the intimacy of personal commentary through the poetics of social media phenomenon. 

I Wish: an animated art film that uses a twitter search stream for contextual grounding.

NTU Beat and Spheres Vision are both responding to sound, the viewer’s motion and colors in an environment. MAN has exhibited these series of animation locally in Singapore and internationally.

Spheres Vision: a celebration of motion and interactive immersion
NTU Beat metaphorically investigate the heart beat of NTU with camera based interactivity