MAN was one of 13 Singaporean (SG) and Japanese (JP) leading contemporary creative talents from performing disciplines and visual arts that took part in 2017’s edition of Singapore: Inside Out Tokyo (SG:IO from August 25–27, 2017), organized by the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), in conjunction with the launch of Singapore’s new destination brand—Passion Made Possible—in Tokyo.

Singapore: Inside Out Tokyo (SG:IO from August 25–27, 2017)

Crepuscular Rays of the Moon  was created in collaboration with Singaporean fashion designer Josiah Chua and his 2018 capsule collection, titled Hikari. The SGIO Tokyo event, at the Bank Gallery, Omotesando district of Tokyo, drew an audience of about 2,000 on first day of opening. Joining them were more than 200 key members of the creative trade and media communities.

For SGIO Tokyo 2017 exhibition ‘Hyper City’, multimedia collective MAN NTU, Ina Conradi and Mark Chavez, collaborated with the Singaporean fashion designer Josiah Chua and his 2018 capsule collection, titled “光”, which is “light” in Japanese. For this SG:IO exhibition, Media Art Nexus, and Josiah created an interactive projection of dazzling stars and light that moves with the viewer, all to evoke that specific magic of Sailor Moon’s transformation. 

Nocturne visuals by Mark Chavez, music by Tate Chavez

Directed, animated and programmed in TD by Mark Chavez | Giant Monster Pte Ltd I SG/US
Collaborator Ina Conradi | NTU ADM
Interaction programming by Corey Mason Manders | A*STAR 
VFX assistance Pamela Ng | NTU ADM
Sound / Sound Design Philip Tan | SG 
Music Score Tate Chavez | US/SG

Singapore Inside-out Artists highlight

“They have translated the idea of time in hyperspace as depicted in the anime magical girl series of Sailor Moon.” The magical transformation sequence of the concept of “frozen in time” was expressed through the medium of clothing/material and projected “Crepuscular rays of the Moon”, myriad abstract dreamlike animated fantasies inspired by the moon.