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In progress work

Experimental Animation

A permanent exhibition of experimental animation on display daily at the Media Art Nexus consists of a series of six experimental works made with reactive audio and real-time animation software. The Rose was programmed as an animated pin-screen, using Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune, to create a responsive audio painting. 

The Rose: A tribute piece dedicated to the innovation of Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Alekseyev, a Russian-born French filmmaker who invented the pin-screen method of animation with his collaborator (later his wife), the animator Claire Parker. This film premiered at the Ars Electronica, Prix Ars Festival in September 2016.

Quantonium is an audio-reactive piece and plays with the idea of mechanical reflections on matter and space.  

Are we living in a grand simulation? Quantonium examines the impact of life, technology and reactive audio in a real time generated animation fantasy.

I Wish, uses Twitter and the search term I wish to explore the intimacy of personal commentary through the poetics of social media phenomenon. 

I Wish: an animated art film that uses a twitter search stream for contextual grounding.

NTU Beat and Spheres Vision are both responding to sound, the viewer’s motion and colors in an environment. MAN has exhibited these series of animation locally in Singapore and internationally.

Spheres Vision: a celebration of motion and interactive immersion
NTU Beat metaphorically investigate the heart beat of NTU with camera based interactivity

Digital Medicine, Arts, + STEAM

Collaboration with Fraunhofer MEVIS: Institute for Digital Medicine (DE) + Media Art Nexus NTU Singapore (SG), Deep Space 8K, Ars Electronica Festival 2018

The awarded movie “Digital Medicine, Arts, and STEAM: BEFORE US LIES ETERNERDY” shows different scales of the human body, from digitized microscopic lymphoma tissue examined with the molecular cytogenetic technique Fluorescent in situ hybridizations (FISH) to detect abnormal changes in DNA, to 3-D reconstructions of a liver as well as a whole-body MRI. It was produced in 2D for the 15×2-meter video wall Media Art Nexus and simultaneously in stereoscopic 3D for the Deep Space 8k at Ars Electronica Center.

Industry award for best infographic at Raw Science Film Festival

UCLA Art/Sci Center

For the first half of this year 2019, I am an artist-in-residence at UCLA Art/Sci Center under Victoria Vesna.

My artistic research practice attempts to utilize multimedia techniques to tag abstract design to feelings; animated shapes and patterns to ideas. Exploring abstraction, I attempt to match design elements to ideas derived from Aztec/Mexica philosophy utilizing motion, driven by audio reactive techniques and real-time animation. Additionally, I attempt to conform the design sense of an anthropomorphic world view with a contemporary scientific view. The resulting artworks are displayed in an immersive field.

With radical changes happening in our society both technologically and socio-economically, this project proposes to artistically explore ideas embedded in Meso-American art with ideas as described in contemporary scientific ideas utilizing real-time multimedia artworks as a design platform. Prompted by the fact that mathematics in pre-Columbian Mexico was highly advanced, this project proposes to utilize the conceptual design in mythic character to explore ideas behind Quantum Theory. Though this work will use motif’s that are familiar to Meso-American art it will not redefine them. Rather it will match aspects of their iconographic meaning to concepts explored in Quantum Theory. My collaborators are my artistic partner, based in Singapore at Nanyang Technological University, Ina Conradi; and scientific partners in Germany and Austria.

UCLA ART/SCI Center residency 2018

An installation I created and exhibited last year (2018) with my creative partner, Ina Conradi.

Talking about my research at the UCLA Art/Sci Center, California Nano Science Institute (CSNI) at UCLA | Presentation Space (Fifth Floor)

LASER (Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous) Talks is Leonardo’s international program of evening gatherings that bring artists and scientists together for informal presentations and conversations. LASER Talks were founded in 2008 by Bay Area LASER Chair Piero Scaruffi and are in over 20 cities around the world.